Spotlight: Juan Sandoval, Director of Health Connections, Columbia Basin Health Association (CBHA)

Juan Sandoval    Director of Health COnnection    |      Columbia Basin Health Association

Juan Sandoval 
Director of Health COnnection
 |  Columbia Basin Health Association

Before joining CBHA, Juan Sandoval’s occupation related to farm work, where he met many people who could not afford to pay their medical bills or who were not aware of the programs for which they could qualify.

Juan Sandoval’s work at CBHA seeks to educate community members and raise awareness about state and federal programs available to them. He assists clients with the application process to establish eligibility and enroll in the health insurance program that best fits their needs.

In conjunction with Better Health Together and other local partners, Sandoval has implemented marketing initiatives to conduct outreach and education. He is heartened by the improvement he’s seen over the years in regards to health care awareness.

More and more people now understand the importance of having some type of coverage. He feels especially rewarded helping patients who are impacted by stressful situations experiencing chronic conditions.