ACH Communications Council Recap

Last Wednesday, BHT sat in on a call with the eight other ACHs and the HCA for our monthly Communications Council call, an opportunity for all parties to align on communication projects and language for Healthier Washington.

One discussion point during the call was around the use of the word “Demonstration” in our project work. This word was determined to be insensitive because of its association with experimental medical and surgical practices in the antebellum South. Going forward, it has been decided that ACH work will be referred to as the Medicaid Transformation. For more information, see the full guidance here.

A second point of discussion was the HCA’s VBP webinar series, which launched in January and will continue through March. This series is a great opportunity to get familiar with all things VBP, so we encourage everyone to participate if they are able to or listen to the recordings of the webinars when they find time. Find out more about the series here