Almost time to renew your health insurance!

Open Enrollment is approaching!

Better Health Together has worked tirelessly to help reduce the rate of uninsured residents in Eastern Washington through our Navigator Network. Navigators are available to answer questions about coverage, and help folks enroll in health insurance through Washington Healthplanfinder. 

What is open enrollment?

Open enrollment is the once-a-year period in which you can register for health insurance. It begins November 1, and is available through January 31. A lot of people don't realize this is the only time of year you can enroll in or change your qualified health plans, excluding some special circumstances. 

Why does it matter to me?

Under the Affordable Care Act, it is now mandatory to have health insurance, whether through an employer, self-purchased or under public programs like Medicaid. If you are signed up for insurance through your employer, they will likely handle the renewal for you. Medicaid enrollment is available year round, and there are special enrollment periods for folks experiencing major life changes that may shift eligibility, such as losing a job, moving, or having a baby. However, if you have your own qualified health plan, and you want to renew or change your plan, November 1st 2016 - January 31st 2017 is your only chance! Better Health Together is here to help you get ready to enroll!


How and where do I go to register?

There are several options:

1.     Online: There is an application available at:

2.     By phone: Better Health Together can personally help you sign up at (509) 321-7500. We have real friendly human beings ready to help you, and all of our services are free. 

3.     By mail: The printable application is available at:

4.     In person: There are approximately 85 navigators in the Eastern Washington region, stationed in clinics, hospitals, services and places where people gather. CHAS Clinics, Unify Community Health Center, and Providence Sacred Heart Hospital are just a few examples of places where Navigators work. 

Here in Spokane County, uninsured rates have fallen from 13.1% to down around 3%. Next to engaging those final folks in the enrollment process, the big goal for the Navigator Network is to keep that number down by making sure renewal rates stay high, and folks are supported when life changes effect their coverage. No matter your level of coverage, BHT Navigators are ready to answer your questions and help you and your family stay covered.

Give us a call! (509) 321-7500