Population Health Strategy Map

DRAFT - Work in progressp

After a summer of focus groups, we are thrilled to release an updated draft of our Community Action Strategies Map! Thank you to all who contributed feedback in one of our sessions. 

A reminded this document is very much in draft form. We intend for these maps to be a living document, that we regularly return to and update as needs and priorities change. Today, this map represents a snapshot of the most prominent themes we heard throughout the focus groups.

Our goal: Invest in upstream efforts to improve all aspects of health for the whole population.

The Population Health Community Action Team is tackling some of our regions biggest health concerns an looking for ways to prevent them upstream. Our targeted results include:

  • Control and prevent Diabetes
  • Prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences and mitigate the associated negative health outcomes. 
  • Reduce rates of unintended pregnancies 
  • Improve oral health
  • Prevent and control environmentally induced Asthma 
  • Prevent and Reduce Tobacco, eCig, and Marijuana usage 
  • Increase age appropriate immunization rates

Currently the group is in the process of prioritizing the metrics we would use to measure successful intervention in these areas. If you are interested in getting involved please email hadley@betterhealthtogether.org.  All are welcome!