DENT Story: From Dental Emergency to Family Oral Health

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A 42-year-old Marshallese gentleman recently moved to Spokane with his wife and four children. Suffering from a very painful tooth on his lower jaw, the man made many calls to area providers. Even though he and his entire family are Apple Health eligible, providers told the man that they would not accept his insurance. Thus, he finally went to the ER with pain and infection—where he was referred to the DENT program. 

DENT staff was able to schedule him at a DENT Provider Network participating office for his emergency dental issue. In addition, the office agreed to accept his entire family and offered permanent patient status, primarily due to the children. The kids are scheduled after the holidays for comprehensive care, which includes cleanings and preventive care. 

Due to becoming patients of record, both adults will also qualify for comprehensive care.  This is tremendous as this family will go to their family dentist instead of going to the ER and will learn about and improve their oral health to avoid future problems.

The man shared that he and his family have been helped in many ways during the short time they have been here. “We have been so blessed by my getting a job to support my family and given resources for medical and dental care in offices where they would accept my state insurance.