February Technical Council Activity Summary

Below are summaries of notable Technical Council and Board activities and decisions for December 8, 2018-January 4, 2019. Visit our calendar for dates of future meetings, and visit our Technical Councils and Board pages for meeting minutes.

Board of Directors - 2/7

The February Board of Directors meeting focused on conflict of interest paperwork along with an update on Medicaid Transformation updates from several of our program directors.

Lynn Kimball of Aging and Longterm Care of Eastern Washington, presented on Initiative 2, going over the model and what to look forward to in 2019. The model included creating new eligibility categories and providing more support for individuals and caregivers.

Caitlin Safford of Amerigroup followed that up with presentation on Foundational Community Supports, outlining the specific benefits and who is eligible.

Community Voices Council - 2/26

Our CVC members said February's meeting felt like this was our most productive meeting yet! Taking lessons learned from last year, we have been working through designing an updated structure for 2019. We spend a large focus of the meeting answering the fun question "If BHT fixed the health system, we would see..."  From there were started to draw out themes of what a successful community health system would look like. As examples, some of these included "Everyone would know how to navigate the services they need, or could access trusted support to help them navigate it." and "There would be no difference between what's available on Medicaid and Commercial insurance." There was a big emphasis on building trust. These kinds of conversations are helping us hone in on our vision for the CVC, as well as determining our goals and expectations for 2019. 

Hub Council Update

The HUB Council met and re-established the meeting schedule. We are also pleased to introduce Jamie as the new HUB manager and Lynn Kimball and Fawn Schott (not present at this meeting) as Co-Chairs for the council. Despite the weather, we had 5 participants in person and 10 people via phone, which was great!

Lynn facilitated a great discussion using the HUB Council Charter as a guide. We had a rich discussion on each organization’s self-identified interest in Community Based- Care Coordination and how they saw their role aligning. We discussed the goals and key work from the charter, along with how members saw this aligning with the direction of BHT and the HUB Council’s role in guiding the w

There was a rich discussion on the shared community interest in moving towards identifying a technology solution regarding resources and access to resources. Several points were taken during this assessment period we needed to keep in mind:

  • That we need to have a timeline and we're moving on this as the community/council identifies this as a priority

  • All voices are valuable in this conversation (boots on the ground, clients, primary care providers, sdoh etc)

  • Equity should be at the forefront of the conversation and not an overlay or afterthought

Tribal Partners Leadership Council

The council further discussed tribal carve out requirements at this February’s meeting. We presented the idea to collaborate around a community-based care coordination hub model where AICC would function as a care coordinating agency and each tribe, including The NATIVE Project would serve as referral sources. We will gauge each partners interest at next month’s meeting.

Waiver Finance - 3/1

As the first meeting of 2019, the group spent a little time re-grounding and getting new members up to speed and we did an overview 2018 funds flow. The first decision the group approved was regarding a revision to the Volume Policy passed last year stating that BHT would stick with the 2016 data to classify Partners in our volume tiers.

The group approved the breakdown and schedule of payments of the 2019 contract year, as it pertains to the Pay-for-Reporting bucket of dollars. Which led to their last decision, where they approved having 25% of the last payment for contract year 1 be "at risk" for Partners; meaning that Partners must achieve the goals they set for themselves in order to receive full payment.

The group then approved a change to the Cohort Attendance Policy to include an option for partial payments. And lastly, they approved the budget template that Partners will use to report to BHT on how they spend their dollars.