Hello Rubber, Meet The Road!

Hello road, meet rubber!

Over the past 18 months, we have worked hard as a region to prepare for health transformation. We’ve established the right partners at the ACH table, selected priorities, imagined our ideal state of health, and now it feels like the forces of opportunity and hard work are aligning to create the ideal environment for big impact.

In some ways it feels like a long road, in other ways, just a start. Either way, the BHT team and I are more energized and enthusiastic than ever before. We see the potential of this work to unleash radical improvement the health of our region.

It’s clear we’ve been talking about the right things: Payment Reform, Investment upstream and in community determinants of health, regional decision making and the need to make stronger community linkages. And now we are ready to take this ACH for a test ride. In the coming 90 days we’ll be selecting our regional project, hearing a (hopefully positive) announcement about the Medicaid Waiver and launching further education on the state’s effort to accelerate the change from fee for service to value based purchasing. These big initiatives are about to move from talk to action. I’m proud of our region for embracing this, even when many of us weren’t sure if there was any there-there, but now we’re ready. It’s going to be a wild ride. I’m glad to be here with this amazing group of partners.



PS- Our blog is chocked full of great resources on Payment Reform, Access to Care and Prevention news. Don’t forget to check it out.