Help Us Build an Equity TA Bank

Better Health Together (BHT) is working with over 75 partners in health and human services organizations to radically improve health care in our six Eastern Washington counties, (Spokane, Ferry, Adams, Lincoln, Stevens, and Pend Oreille). BHT recognizes that some populations in our region are more likely to experience negative health outcomes as a result of their environment, identity, or experiences. BHT believes this is unjust, and with intentional systems change, avoidable.

In preparation for the release of an Organizational Health Equity Assessment to our partners (which will help identify opportunities to advance health equity within their organization), BHT is building an Equity TA bank of consultants and individuals who have a skillset for training and facilitation on the health equity related work the assessment recommends.

BHT is requesting proposals from individuals who have a skillset for training and facilitating on health equity related work. We are accepting proposals until September 15.