Learn More: Changes to Washington Apple Health

Starting January 1, 2019, Apple Health (Medicaid) managed care plans will cover behavioral health treatment services, in addition to the already covered physical health services.

What does this mean?

You will continue to have access to all of the same services you currently do, but the doctors you see will get paid for them differently.

How will it affect me?

Most importantly, you will NOT lose coverage and this change will not reduce any benefits. The goal is to make it easier for folks to get the services they need, as easily as possible.

Currently there are five Apple Health providers. In January, the number of providers will be reduced from five to three.

Plans that are staying:

  • Amerigroup

  • Community Health Plan of Washington

  • Molina Healthcare

If you are with UnitedHealthcare or an adult on Coordinated Care you will be automatically enrolled in one of the three plans above. Coordinated Care will continue to service Apple Health Foster Care customers.

Do I need to do anything?

Nope. Things won’t change for the majority of folks enrolled in Apple Health. For those of you currently enrolled with UnitedHealthcare or Coordinated Care, you will get a letter in December from the Health Care Authority telling you which plan you have been moved to. If your providers are covered by your new plan and/or you are good with the change, then no action needed!

But… if you want to choose your plan, you can make the switch whenever you want. Call the BHT Navigator office to get help with making that change, (509) 321 7500.

Just The Facts

  • No one will not lose coverage

  • Benefits will not be reduced

  • There will be no changes for folks currently with Amerigroup, Community Health Plan of Washington, or Molina

  • Folks on UnitedHealthcare and (adults) on Coordinated Care will be automatically reassigned

  • Apple Health Foster Care will continue to be provided by Coordinated Care

  • You can change your plan anytime

  • This does not affect Medicare or Medicaid fee-for-service 

More Questions?
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