Meeting Materials - June 27

In place of a group Cohort meeting, we are conducting individual 1-hour Transformation Plan workshops. Providers will work one-on-one with BHT staff and consultants on their Plans.

Please come with a draft of your Final Transformation Plan template completed for us to review together.

The recording and slides from the June 11 webinar, which covered the revised August Cohort template, Aims statements, and Milestones, are available below.

The template will guide you in creating your Final Transformation Plan for each project area, along with a selection from this list of Pay-for-Achievement measures and a simple budget (see Resources below). There is also a large focus on your milestones and timeline for each project area. This template will be used as a basis for your contract and how you earn your available dollars.

BHT will send out a reminder with your workshop time in advance. Please email with any questions.