Navigator Network Storefront for Open Enrollment

Better Health Together is excited to announce the opening of a new storefront for open enrollment. There will be multiple resources there to help sign residents up for health insurance, as well as Medicare and Medicaid qualified health plans. Navigators will be there to guide people through the process and sign them up, as well as brokers who can recommend more specific insurance plans and companies.

This particular storefront is a pilot, and if it proves to be a successful resource for residents, then it may be extended to be an annual source of support during open enrollment.

A similar pilot is underway in Vancouver, Washington in a similar attempt to reach residents that have high rates of being uninsured. Both of these pilots are attempts to reach out to be more accessible to the community as well as spreading the word about the services that they offer.

The new storefront is set to open November 1st and be open through January 31st. It will be located at 2001 N. Division, Spokane, WA 99207. This location is in the middle of one of the zip codes with the highest rates of uninsured residents in Spokane County.

As of this year, 4.5% of Spokane County Residents are still uninsured. Better Health Together is striving to bridge the gap by reaching out to the community and meeting them where convenient for the common goal of getting residents appropriate health insurance.