Our Region Wide Vision

In our region every person, regardless of background, life experience, or environment, will live a productive, high quality life, with access to stable housing, nutritious food, transportation, education, meaningful employment that pays the bills with some left over for savings, and social support networks that foster emotional, social, and psychological wellbeing. Each person’s health will be supported by an integrated community health system, accountable to improving health through delivering culturally competent, whole person care. 

At our July Leadership Council meeting we debuted an updated vision statement drafted by BHT staff, looking for feedback and truthing on our vision to be included in our ACH's Phase 2 Certification Process. 

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback during the leadership council meeting, or through the survey we sent out. With the work we are trying to accomplish being so expansive, it sure is hard to define a "short and succinct" vision, but with your help wordsmithing we are feeling pretty happy with what we came up with. 

If you'd like to follow our process, you can see comments we received on our vision statement here, and a redlined word doc showing the changes we made in response to feedback