Our Regional Map

A key to the success of Better Health Together is the vast web of partners across our region. The interactive map below, provides a visual snapshot of these partnerships throughout Ferry, Stevens, Pend Orielle, Lincoln, Spokane, Adams and Whitman counties. Can't See the map?


Navigator Network
The In-person Assistance Network provides on the ground support to individuals enrolling in health insurance through Washington

Accountable Community of Health (ACH) Partners Our action-oriented partners are working to achieve the Triple Aim of better health and better care at a lower cost. Learn more about our work.

Hot Spotters Hot Spotters targets high need patients who present to emergency rooms and emergency responders with a complex blend of social, medical, mental health and/or substance abuse issues.

DENT The DENT program connects patients to dental care and expands the network of dental providers accepting Apple Health. It was designed to reduce unnecessary Emergency Room utilization for dental emergencies and to coordinate a network of oral health care providers to improve access, health, and reduce costs for this population.

FAR , a program of Children’s Administration, seeks to keep families united by providing alternative interventions for allegations of child neglect.

Medicaid Managed Plans Available by County Medicaid Health plan choice varies from county to county. This map provides a high-level visual of the available Medicaid Health plans and how this compares to other counties in our region. Note that the Medicaid data on this map does not provide location information.