BHT Summer's End Update

End of summer and back to school……

Is anyone else checking their calendars because they can’t believe the summer is almost over? I sure am!

It’s been a productive summer for BHT and our ACH work. In June, we launched our Social Determinants of Health and Population Health teams. Our local teams of 20+ people are working hard to build out our local strategy maps with strong community linkage work attached to each goal area. We’re grateful to our friends at the Spokane Regional Health District and THEZONE for introducing us to the Results Based Accountability model to further push our work forward. You can see this work in progress through a series of blog posts that we’ve posted this summer

In July, we agreed to pilot the Pathways hub model. On September 29th-30th we will be heading to Akron, Ohio for the Pathways Community Care Coordination Summit. We are so excited for the opportunity to engage with a real HUB and hear from folks who have been actively involved in implementing the Pathways. We are sure to come home with a better understanding of how this model could fit in our region. I know Ohio is a trek, but if you are interested in attending the summit you can Click here to learn more and register.

Still no word on the Medicaid Waiver decision, but whether we talk to federal staff or the HCA, we still feel confident the Washington is on track for this important investment to further accelerate our efforts to transform the health of our region. We’ll keep you up to date!

Finally, a few changes to the Better Health Together Board of Directors. We have updated our board governing policy documents. You can see the policy the board passed here.

We are also excited to announce that we are currently recruiting for four new board members with a strong interest in reducing health disparities. If you have someone who would be a good referral, please send them our way.

Enjoy the last few days of summer, this Fall will be a wild ride!