Social Determinants of Health Strategy Map

DRAFT - Work in progress

After a summer of focus groups, we are thrilled to release an updated draft of our Community Action Strategies Map! Thank you to all who contributed feedback in one of our sessions. 

A reminded this document is very much in draft form. We intend for these maps to be a living document, that we regularly return to and update as needs and priorities change. Today, this map represents a snapshot of the most prominent themes we heard throughout the focus groups.


There are many factors that lead to whole-person health and most of those factors happen outside of a doctor’s office. We have identified 6 target factors in the Social Determinants of Health: Housing, Income Stability, Food, Transportation, Education, and Community Support

Originally, the ACH Leadership Council, Social Determinants Subgroup worked on the strategy mapping for these 6 areas collectively, but it was very apparent that we needed a more systematic approach where we could engage the regional experts in targeted discussion. In August, ACH staff and SDOH workgroup co-chair Pam Tietz participated in a Results Based Accountability training hosted by THEZONEPROJECT, which presented a fortuitous opportunity to reform the workgroup into targeted community "turn-the-curve" work sessions. We split the 6 social determinants into separate work groups and asked Leadership Council members to invite any pertinent individuals or organizations to join the meeting. Our goal is to engage as many people and organizations as possible for feedback and input.

Greg Knight, the Executive Director of Rural Resources and BHT Board member co-chair of this group helped coordinated outreach sessions in rural counties. Individual outreach is still being conducted for additional organizations, and the strategy map will continue to expand. 

Through these workgroups, the group identified over 160 key partners and organizations that should be included in this work.

To date, the ACH Project Team has engaged with over 65 individuals in various work groups and outreach.