Standard Indicators for Early Warning System

This list is provided by the Health Care Authority (HCA). You can view the entire presentation here.

Provider Payments (Provided by MCO’s)

  • BH claims received by MCO’s
  • BH claims rejected by MCO’s
  • Reasons for rejections

EDIE Data (Provided by HCA/AIM team)

  • ED Utilization
  • ED Utilization for client with past BH diagnosis
  • Portion of ED visits with BH diagnosis

State Hospitals- WSH and ESH (Provided by HCA)  

  • Average Daily census
  • Discharges
  • Forensic flips  

Crisis System (Provided by BH-ASO )

  • Crisis Hotline Calls
    • # of incoming calls
    • # calls answered
    • # call answer timeliness (within 30 seconds)
    • Average speed of answer
    • Abandonment rate
  • DHMP response time
  • # ITA investigations and outcome
    • Detention
    • Discharge with referral
    • Voluntary admit
  • # of no bed reports
  • # of single bed certifications