Ten quittin' kittens making a new start in 2016

This post was originally published by Hannah Johnson from Public Health Insider |  January 6, 2016

Quitting tobacco is hard. These kittens are here help.

1. This kitten believing in herself


Set yourself up for success. Throw out ALL of your cigarettes in your home, car, and workplace. Change your environment and routine to avoid things that will trigger your habit.

2. This kitten getting support from friends and family


Don’t quit alone. Tell your family, friends, and co-workers that you’re quitting. Ask them to support you.

3. This kitten chewing on something else


Occupy your hands and mouth with healthy snacks like carrots or celery sticks, or try sugar free candy, straws, swizzle sticks, or toothpicks.

4. This kitten drinking plenty of water


When a craving hits, taking a drink of water can help get you through it.

5. This kitten learning a new hobby


Trying something new can help distract you from your urge to smoke. Plan to do something every day that makes you happy.

6. This kitten using technology


The more support you have, the more successful you’ll be.  All Washington residents can download the SmartQuit App for free. The app is an evidence-based cessation support program that is three times more effective than trying to quit on your own.

7. This kitten relaxing


Try to reduce your stress. Take a hot bath, exercise, or read a book.

8. This kitten quittin’ for other kittens


Secondhand smoke exposure harms pets as well as people. When a craving hits, remember your reasons for quitting.

9. This kitten getting through the hardest first week

The first week is the hardest. Hold on.

10. This kitten not giving up

Quitting smoking may require several attempts. Every try gets you closer to a healthy, tobacco-free life. Don’t give up.

Find out more about resources available to help make 2016 your year to quit smoking.