VBP and IMC Training Opportunity

Behavioral Health Agency Transformation Intensives

The Practice Transformation Support Hub, in partnership with the Washington Council for Behavioral Health and Better Health Together, is providing a two part learning event for behavioral health agencies, as Washington State prepare for value based payment (VBP) and integrated managed care (IMC).

Who: Behavioral Health Agencies
When: July 16 and August 9
Where: The Philanthropy Center, Spokane, WA
Contact: Practice Transformation Support Hub Helpdesk, HubHelpdesk@qualishealth.org
Agencies that register are expected to attend both days, although only one registration per agency is needed. It is recommended to bring three members from your agency whose role(s) best fit the day’s curriculum. Read more about the sessions below.

Register Here


Day 1

Monday, July 16

Teams will earn about the support available during the transition to Integrated Managed Care (IMC) as well as create an actionable transition plan for IMC. Suggested roles include: executive leaders, IT, billing, and/or contracting specialists.
*Note: In order to make the most of the learning event, agencies should complete the Billing and Information Technology Toolkit Self-Assessment tool and send the completed assessment to the Hub (hubhelpdesk@qualishealth.org) by 7/6/18. This will allow the facilitation team to shape content accordingly. This information will NOT be shared with any other parties. 

Day 2

Thursday, August 9

Teams will work to develop projects to explore how to strengthen skills needed to be successful in a value-based payment future. Suggested roles include: executive leader, clinical directors, quality improvement specialists, and/or IT coordinators.
Lunch will be provided by Better Health Together.  For additional information, contact Practice Transformation Support Hub Helpdesk at HubHelpdesk@qualishealth.org