WA State Senior Citizens’ Foundation Panel Helps to Understand Health Homes Care Coordination Services

At the Washington State Senior Citizens’ Foundation’s 2017 Fall Conference, a panel was hosted to talk about Health Homes and provide a deeper understanding of the services that they provide as well as the results that the program has experienced.

A sizable number of citizens in Washington state are currently receiving Medicaid and/or Medicare. Health outcomes have not been great for these populations. Health Home is a person-center care coordination reaching statewide that helps either high risk individuals on Medicaid or dual eligible individuals figure out things such as the following:

  • What is important to their health
  • How to get connected to providers in the community
  • What additional resources they need
  • What their person-centered goals are
  • What they need help with to be successful

This range of services provided through care coordinators help stabilize these individuals’ situations so they can achieve better health outcomes. For more information, watch the panel presentation here or read more about Health Home here