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May 24th 2017

At the meeting, BHT staff reported out a ton of new information related to ACH work. First, staff gave an overview of submission stats for our Letter of Interest Process. In total we received 79 LOIs, which was way more than we expected. 56% of the proposals included use of the Pathways Model, and we are so excited to see we aren't the only ones that see the potential of this model to transform our regional health system. Thanks you to all who applied! 

Next we gave an update on our Theory of Action - a required part of our Phase 1 Certification as an ACH.  This document reflects our vision for how BHT will tie together opportunities from the waiver with community priorities in our transformation efforts. 

The final presentation was on the yet-to-be-finalized by CMS plan for distribution of Waiver funds over the 5 year period. Within the funds flow, different projects are weighted differently in the amount of funds they can access, and overall dollar amounts for the region were allocated on number of medicaid lives in each county. Details on all of the above can be found by downloading the meeting slides. 

And please note, our June 14th LC Meeting has been CANCELED and replaced by our COMMUNITY PROJECT SHOWCASE on June 14th from 4pm-7pm! This event is open to all, and will be the first look at projects proposed for our ACH to take on. 

Community Feedback Loop

We know that with the huge amount of information shared at these meetings we often don't have time to address every person's questions, or have as much in-depth discussion as we might like. We've been committed to adding in time for small group discussion at each meeting, and are still finding folks have more to share. We don't want to miss out on feedback or questions from Leadership Council members, so we are trying out a new method of generating comments at these meetings, which we are calling a Community Feedback Loop.

From now on at each meeting, we'll include a worksheet with questions to prompt further comments that complement each presentation given at a Leadership Council Meeting. This form is also sent out electronically so folks on the phone can participate, and so anyone who missed it can watch the recording and send in their thoughts. Comments left on the sheets will be posted on our website one week after the leadership council meeting, to allow up to one week for folks to share their thoughts. Additionally, any questions left on the form will be added to a standing Q&A page we will continually update on our website. Check back May 31st to read our first Feedback Loop! And if you missed the meeting, you can download the form here and email to hadley@betterhealthtogether.org if you'd like to submit comments or questions. 

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