Welcome Learning Cohort members!
BHT will use this page as a method to help organize and disseminate the communication and tools necessary to support the members of the January and August Learning Cohorts. If you have any comments or suggestions on page content, contact Sarah Bollig Dorn at

About the Learning Cohorts
Based on readiness categories, Partnering Providers are divided into two Learning Cohorts, January and August. This structure supports BHT’s intent to meaningfully transform the Medicaid Delivery system, while recognizing the current capacity of all of our providers.

 January Cohort members will contract with BHT by Q1 2019 and begin Implementation. Revised Transformation Plans are due Jan. 31.
August Cohort members will receive monthly technical assistance in 2019 and be ready to contract with BHT in Q3 2019.

Better Health Together acknowledges that any time staff are out of the office for meetings or learning opportunities, there is a fiscal impact. We are pleased to announce that our Board of Directors approved financial support for your organization to participate! 

  • January Cohort organizations will receive $30,000 

  • August Cohort organizations will receive $25,000 (with the added value of monthly technical assistance)

These participation funds will be split into four equal payments. The first payment will be released after providers submit a signed Attendance Policy.

Next Steps

August Cohort:

Transformation Plans Due Aug 1

Contracts Out for Execution Sept 16
Contract Start Date Oct 1

BHT staff will be reviewing Transformation Plans in August to approve them for population into the Project Specific Agreements (Contracts) in the beginning of September.

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