Community Voices Council

The Community Voices council will be made up of no more than 30 members. Participants will be at least 50% low-income or Medicaid Beneficiaries, with the other half made up of Community advocates with lived experience helping complex patients access and navigate community services. This group will help inform project planning by validating implementation plans against the needs and expectations of the patients the projects aim to serve. The CVC will self-select metrics to evaluate how well project plans address health equity, and collect reports on these metrics to monitor and make recommendations for course correction as needed.  Members will receive a stipend from BHT for their participation.  


Community-Based Care Coordination (Hub) Council

The Community-Based Care Coordination Council (Hub Council) exists to improve regional care coordination through linking health care and social determinant of health provider activities. The BHT Hub will be responsible for launching three key initiatives. One, to map and align current community care coordination efforts including high-risk and high-service utilization programs such as Health Homes, Hot Spotters, Consistent Care, etc. and clinic-based efforts related to chronic disease. Two, to implement and utilize the Pathways Hub Model and Care Coordination Systems platform for people transitioning out of jail and high-risk, pregnant Medicaid mothers. Three, to align community resources into an easily accessible format. This may include integration with Washington Information Network 211 and other community portals.


Provider Champions Council

The Provider Champions Council represents a group of provider champions and practioners from the region necessary to improve the community health of our region. The BHT ACH recognizes the importance, value and requirement that physical and behavioral health providers will play in the Medicaid Transformation efforts. Additionally, the BHT ACH seeks to seize on the unique opportunity of the Medicaid Transformation to further engage additional community providers critical to health improvement.


Tribal Partners Leadership Council

The Tribal Partners Leadership Council was chartered by and is made up of The Kalispel Tribe of Indians, Colville Tribe, Spokane Tribe of Indians, The NATIVE Project, The Healing Lodge, and The American Indian Community Center. Their goal is to foster collaboration and communication with regional Tribes, Indian Health Services facilities, Tribal Organizations, and Urban Indian Health Programs. Recognizing American Indian/Alaska Native populations are served within the BHT region, the BHT Board wants to ensure that health priorities set are consistent with tribal health system needs. This group will be consulted throughout Transformation planning to monitor the impact on Tribes, Urban Natives, and Indian Health Services facilities.


Waiver Finance Workgroup

The mission of the Waiver Finance Workgroup is to develop and recommend to BHT Board a set of policies to govern the Transformation Funds and provide oversight of Medicaid Transformation as necessary. The Waiver Finance Workgroup is also tasked with reviewing and recommending to the BHT Board each Collaborative Financial Plan. So far, the Waiver Finance Workgroup has established a set of guiding principles that will be used to determine the allocation of funds through the transformation. The Waiver Finance Workgroup has stated that it values innovation, equity, flexibility in approach, alignment of resources, and collaboration among providers.