Rapid Response Call Notes

Notes from the Rapid Response will be posted here after each call. Check back for updates.

These calls are a place to troubleshoot IMC issues with HCA and MCOs as they arise. More information here.
Dates & call-in information can be found under “Meetings” on the IMC main page.

BHT Question Tracker - updated 2/20

HCA Rapid Response Question Tracker - updated 2/22, for questions received Jan. 2-Feb. 15

MCO Contact List - updated 02/12/19

Call notes
Jan. 2 call notes
Jan. 4 call notes
Jan. 5 call notes
Jan. 7 call notes
Jan. 9 call notes
Jan. 11 call notes
No call Sat. Jan 12 - email Alice.Lind@hca.wa.gov with questions over the weekend
Jan. 14 call notes
Jan. 16 call notes
Jan. 18 call notes
No call Monday, Jan. 21 due to the holiday. If you have questions or need help over the long weekend, email Jessica.Diaz@hca.wa.gov or the IMC inbox HCAintegratedMCquestions@hca.wa.gov.
Jan. 23 call notes
Jan. 25 call notes
Jan. 28 call notes
Jan. 30 call notes
Feb. 6 call notes
Feb. 13 call notes
Feb. 20 call notes

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