Early Warning System update

Over the last few months, the Early Warning System (EWS) workgroup has been working to develop recommendations for a feedback loop and triage process to identify and resolve system issues as they arise during the IMC transition in 2019. The group approved their final Early Warning System Indicators list at the October 31 meeting.

Based on the progress made, the group decided not to meet in November and will re-convene in December to finalize preparations for the monitoring calls that will begin in January.

What to expect in 2019

Through the month of January, the HCA will host “Rapid Response” calls to respond to emerging systemic issues and questions needing immediate attention. See the schedule below.

Beginning in February, we will move to monthly webinars, which will focus on review and response of the indicator data. More details on those to come. If it is determined that we still need more frequent calls, we can do so.

For more details on the Rapid Response calls, including standing agenda, see the HCA’s Rapid Response Calls document.

IMC_Rapid Response regional call schedule.png

Email sarah@betterhealthtogether.org with questions.