Free Tax Services

In Spokane County, in 2013, 36% or 13,485 of families who were eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) used a paid tax preparer. If these families utilized free tax preparation alternatives an additional $1,928,355 would have been saved (figure based on the National Society of Accountants average cost for a return prepared without itemized deductions).

That’s why Spokane County United Way is encouraging eligible households to use local, free tax preparation resources. The organization is working with employers to provide employees information about tax preparation services available in our community. There are two available options for free tax preparation.

1. Free Tax Preparation Sites are available for low to moderate income wage earners (tax site appointments can be made now at 509-353-4851, walk in appointments starting February 1, 2016).

2. MyFreeTaxes is a free online program with a call in helpline available to those earning less than $62,000 in 2015. Visit for more information. Check out these resources about MyFreeTaxes:

If you wish to have a representative from Spokane County United Way come to speak with your employees about these options, call 509-838-6581.