BHT February Update

Whew! It's hard to believe it is nearly March and pitchers and catchers have already reported to Spring training. We have been busy these last two months laying the foundation for the launch of our Collaboratives. Our Board, technical councils and staff are working hard to be intentional in our decision making to create the greatest impact to our region.
Last week, we officially launched the first round of guidance for the Collaboratives including the template for commitment and an overview of the process. As we move into March, our technical councils will be busy recommending setting requirements for each of our partners. This work, combined with the required assessments, will be passed on the Waiver Finance Workgroup to recommend the second round funding for regional infrastructure, community resiliency fund and project incentives. We know this is a lot of new information and we invite your feedback and engagement. Don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on the BHT Team with questions.
Finally, in our ongoing effort to make communication clear and easily accessible, we are launching some major updates to our website in the next couple weeks, which will include new pages for our councils, an updated ACH page, and more!
Charge on!

-Alison Carl White, BHT Executive Director