May ACH Leadership Council Update

Thank you to all who joined us to talk next steps for our ACH. And a special thank you to the Health Care Authority for driving all the way across the state to help bring some additional clarity on our role as an ACH.

This was a big meeting that produced some concrete action items for Leadership Council members. In case you missed it, here is the recap and documents:

We started the morning with a presentation from Kali Morris from the Health Care Authority on the role of the ACH in Medicaid Transformation. You can view those slides here. In her presentation, Kali made some comparisons to Medicaid transformation work happening in New York, and shared some lessons learned from their efforts. If you are interested in learning more, you can read this report on New York's DSRIP Program put together by The Commonwealth Fund. On the topic of Value Based Payments, HCA also shared this helpful visual on Alternative Payment Models.  

After that we looked at our refined Community Strategy maps. Consider these our first draft as we synthesize the wealth of information that came out of our Idealized Design Sessions. The next step will be to form workgroups, each chaired by a BHT Board Member, to validate strategies, develop metrics, and finalize our community linkage maps. We will be forming a workgroup for each strategy map, reflecting our three ideal states of design. For more information, please review the following charters:

  1. Integrated Care
  2. Population Health
  3. Community Determinants of Health

Additionally, we've made some headway on selecting our regional health improvement project around the development of a centralized community referral system ("air traffic control") based on the Pathways Community HUB model. We will be forming one additional workgroup to explore this model and serve as the steering committee to launch our project. You can take a look at the ACH Project Team Charter here

We are looking for volunteers to join one (or many!) workgroups, with the intent of meeting through the summer, to have Strategy Maps finalized by September 20th. If you are interested in joining one of these workgroups, please read through the above charters and consider which group best fits your expertise, and email your interest to Alison@betterhealthtogether.  

We also shared with everyone Empire Health Foundation's new Oral Health Access document. Please take a look and feel free to share!

That was a big update! But we are thrilled to have some actionable to-dos as a group. Thank you all for your willingness to jump aboard.