Lean, Mean, Transformation Making Machine

In November of 2017, the BHT board made our first big funding decision related to Medicaid Transformation funds. After a robust discussion with our Medicaid Waiver Finance Work Group, the board approved a funding mode that directs:

55% to our Collaboratives: The bulk of our dollars will be invested in partners and providers to do the heavy lift of transforming the health system. Dollars will be earned via a number of mechanisms including achievement of reporting and performance metrics

30% to regional infrastructure: This is investment will be directed based on regional needs identified via our assessment processes. You could think of this as health information technology, workforce, and community based care coordination.

10% to community resiliency: This fund will be used to link our health care and social determinant partners together to ensure the right set of resources are available to support our transformation efforts.

5% to ACH overhead: BHT is a lean, mean, transformation making machine. We intend to keep our overhead nimble and focused on providing the right level of process, content and cheerleading to make sure we have the highest impact.