Lessons Learned & Best Practices

As many of the regions around the state prepare for the transition to integrated managed care, our friends at the HCA thought it would be helpful to compile lessons learned and best practices from the first two regions.

They gathered feedback from North Central behavioral health providers as well as the consultant that provided billing and IT technical assistance in the Southwest WA and North Central regions. This feedback was then compiled into the report:
Best Practices/Lessons Learned in Preparing Behavioral Health Providers for Integrated Managed Care

This short, four-page report is intended share the challenges, recommended solutions, and lessons learned/best practices to inform and improve the transition process for the future regions. It also contains valuable information regarding communication & collaboration between behavioral health providers and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) or Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs), billing & payment and technical assistance, and data reporting, retention, and tracking, and considerations when looking to switch to a new electronic health record system.

If you have any questions or comments about this report please Charisse Pope at charisse@betterhealthtogether.org.