As you can see, staff was pretty excited about this announcement...

As you can see, staff was pretty excited about this announcement...

After months and months on the edge of our seats, we were thrilled to hear on Monday that CMS and Health Care Authority have come to principle agreement on the Medicaid 1115 Demonstration Waiver. The five-year demonstration provides up to $1.1 billion of incentives for delivery system reform and $375 million to support critical services for Apple Health clients over five years. 

Significant stakeholder and community input informed the four goals of this demonstration plan:

  • Reduce avoidable use of high-cost services such as acute care hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, and nursing home facilities.
  • Improve population health, with a focus on prevention and proactive management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, pediatric obesity, smoking, mental illness, and substance abuse for Apple Health clients.
  • Accelerate Medicaid payment reform to pay providers for better health outcomes.
  • Bend the Medicaid cost curve below national trend.

The specific terms and conditions will be negotiated over the coming months, so it will still be some time before those dollars start flowing to health improvement projects across the state, but we've just leaped a major hurdle on the track to a Healthier Washington. 

You can read more from the Governor's media release here.