Official Designation as an Accountable Community of Health


You may have heard a collective “Woohoo” from the BHT team yesterday when the Health Care Authority officially designated Better Health Together as an Accountable Community of Health. I can’t help but think of Sally Fields: “You like me … you like me!” 

Click here to read the official designation announcement.

We are really proud of the work our region has accomplished. We have convened the right players around the table: rurals and urbans, health systems and human services organizations, philanthropy, government and many other people and organizations that will be required to make our community radically healthier. We have come together as a region and prioritized five key areas . I wish I could say that our first year of forming was the hard work, but it really was not. Instead, the hard work is ahead, but I am optimistic about what is possible.

We had planned to host our 2nd Annual Health Champions Regional Gathering on Thursday, November 19th, but Mother Nature had a different idea. Due to the severe weather impacts throughout our region, we rescheduled this gathering to January 14th. Our goals and plans stay the same, we will just be a few weeks later launching the second phase of our Accountable Community of Health as well as the development of our Regional Health Action Plans. This fast-paced, highly interactive day will include design sessions for each of our key priority areas and a community mapping of the key activities that will be required to make meaningful and impactful progress.

After the Gathering, we will launch a series of Community Action Teams to further develop the community linkage maps and begin the hard work of transforming the system.  We know this is no easy task, but I know our region’s “can do” spirit will again make us a leader in this work. If you would like to attend please let Casey know you will be there at