Washington State HCA Paying for Value Survey is Live

The Washington State HCA is seeking help with input from providers on their annual paying for value survey. As part of our Semi-Annual Reporting to the State to earn our ACH dollars, HCA needs all of our Partnering Providers (those currently in or about to enter into contract with BHT) to complete the survey.

The survey will help track progress toward the statewide goal of paying for value-based care, rather than paying for volume of care. In a value-based system, payments are based on the health outcomes people experience, rather than paying for each medical transaction.

Because provider success is at the heart of value-based care, provider input is essential. Providers who participate in this survey will provide valuable insight into the challenges they face when considering adopting new payment arrangements. It will also help HCA support providers and the health and wellness community as a whole.

This survey not only helps BHT in our SAR reporting, but it also helps inform HCA’s strategic direction toward our goal of 90 percent of state-financed health care and 50 percent of the commercial market in VBP arrangements by 2021.

The survey is open until 5:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on Friday, August 30. It is designed to be filled out by an administrative leader, with only one response per organization.

HCA is asking managed care organizations and commercial plans to participate in a similar survey.

To learn more, visit the Paying for value webpage.