2018 ACH Participant Survey results

The Center for Community Health and Evaluation (CCHE) - an independent evaluator hired by the state - has shared results from the 2018 ACH Participant Survey, which was administered in October. As part of the ACH evaluation, CCHE conducts an annual survey of regional stakeholders engaged in each of the ACHs. The survey is intended to support ACH strategic learning and continuous improvement.

In addition to BHT-specific results, the aggregate summary of survey data from across all ACHs is below (2018 ACH Participant Survey Report). This has been shared with HCA and will be available online.  

Survey background from CCHE:

  • The survey data provide a snapshot of ACH participants’ opinions and perspectives about how ACHs are developing and functioning, including their areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

  • Survey data are also being used to validate findings from other evaluation data sources, including interviews, meeting observations, site visits, and document review.

  • This is just one data source – it’s valuable because it represents so many of your ACHs’ stakeholders, but it shouldn’t be viewed as a report card, or the only way to assess how your ACH is functioning and its impact.

2018 ACH Participant Survey Report

BHT Participant Survey Results slide deck

BHT Participant Survey open ended responses

BHT Participant Survey appendix