August Technical Council Activity Summary

Board of Directors - Cancelled

Regular meetings will resume in September

Waiver Finance Workgroup - Cancelled

Regular Meetings will resume in September

Tribal Partners Leadership Council - 8/15

Twila Mallari, Healthcare Tribal Liaison and Molly Blaney, Healthcare Community Development Specialist, both started at Molina this spring and joined our August Tribal Partners Leadership Council for a formal introduction.

Torri Canda, Innovative Programs Integration Director and Caitlin Safford, Director of Government Relations from Amerigroup, also joined us for a presentation on their Foundational Community Supports Program. There are currently three Tribal partners in the contracting stage to begin this program.

The group was also notified that we were able to schedule Dr. Darryl Tonemah to provide a trauma-informed approach training this September. Dr. Tonemah's goal is to build a trauma-informed community that empowers its providers, educators, leaders, and citizens. The goal is to recognize symptoms and behaviors while equipping yourself with tools to not only deal with trauma but to heal from trauma. We are excited to host him next month!

Community Voices Council - 8/27

The CVC Council discussed/ reviewed the ongoing recruitment progress and next steps. CVC also explored recruitment/preparation for potential rural community voices council. Current applicants for CVC was reviewed and selected by current CVC members. Updates on BHT’s Equity work/efforts was shared with current CVC members, as well as a review on the fundamentals of Health Justice and Health Equity.

Hub Council - Cancelled

We appreciate all the work of the HUB Council. We have combined it into our collaboratives and will no longer be meeting.