Help BHT Map our Health System!

We as an ACH have been convening conversations across our region for months, gathering feedback from community members on what we could do to tackle some of our most pressing health needs. A big ask we've heard echoed over and over is this need to "coordinate the coordinators," meaning, we've got amazing organizations in our region working hard to improve health, but without coordinated efforts we see gaps and duplications in services that take away from our collective impact.

So to help us better coordinate, BHT is launching an ambitious project to build a "map" of our health system. With help from the Spokane Regional Health District Data Center, we will be surveying organizations across our region, asking them to identify their organizational relationships. From this, the Data Center will visually inventory our health system in a “Network Analysis” (example). This network map will help us visually represent how resources are flowing, who is working together, and where there are gaps of care in our health system. Remember, for BHT the health system is not just payers, providers, and patients, but any organization that impacts health, like schools, social services, churches, local government, and much more. 

To build this tool, we need your help!

Please take a few minutes to take this survey, and help make this map as accurate as possible by sharing this survey link to organizations you work with!

Please answer on behalf of your organization. If you work for one program or department within a large organization, please answer only on behalf of the organizational relationships you know of in your on work. Please do not feel like you have to answer on behalf of the full organization, but please share this survey with your coworkers in other programs or departments. The more people who answer it per organization the better, as we will be compiling answers for accuracy. 

Our sincere apologies if we missed your organization on this list! We know there are a number of health and dental care practices, non-profits, tribal organizations, and other entities across our region we haven’t met yet. Your help in identifying who’s missing will be crucial in building a complete and accurate list. The last question in the survey will ask you to add in any organizations not listed, please give special attention to this question. 

We appreciate you taking the time to help us with this. The survey will be open through the month of December, and we expect to complete our analysis in Spring of 2017. Once complete, the map will live on the BHT website available for the public to use and explore. 

If you have any questions or trouble with the survey, please contact

Here is the survey link, once again: