Leadership Council with Special Guest, Ann Monroe, Recap

Last Tuesday, we held our first Leadership Council of 2018 at the Spokane Regional Health District, where we hosted a special guest and friend from Buffalo, NY, Ann Monroe. Ann has worked with PPSs, the equivalent of ACHs in New York, and shared lessons she and other PPSs have learned from being one year ahead of us in year 3 of DSRIP. A great discussion was held throughout about lessons learned and we appreciated that Ann addressed not only the easier and positive side of this work, but also the harder issues that may arise as we move further into our own Transformation. For more contextual information and lessons learned, you can view Ann's presentation slides here, which are filled with a lot of knowledge and wisdom. You can also listen to the entire presentation and conversation here. If you have any questions for Ann about her experiences, we would also be happy to relay the question for you. Email us here with any questions or comments, we'd love to hear what you thought of the presentation as well! 

Some Key Points to Takeaway (aka "Food" for Thought) from Ann

  • Partnerships in achieving outcomes can be very difficult. Progress moves at the speed of trust and trust fuels this work. Understanding is the first step to trust. 
  • Move past parallel play to cooperative play and force yourselves outside of siloes. 
  • There are different needs and barriers for this work to succeed. There are things that you will encounter that you would have never expected.  
  • Be willing to reevaluate what you “know” works with a data lens.  
  • Our ACH and all of its different counterparts need to think about this work being long term. This is not just a five year grant. We have five years to build a sustainable system that will last a generation or longer. There is no going back, only going forward. A lot of our success will depend on how we work together during these five years. 
  • Do we have a common view of a transformed health system? How do we align our vision and manage expectations versus reality to get to our "north star"?