Partner Spotlight: Provider Champions Council

As our community strives for bold results, BHT recognizes that we need community experts to engage and guide the work. This is why we feel very fortunate that so many of our local primary care and behavioral health practitioners and leaders, who share this vision for our community, have volunteered to get involved.

The Provider Champions Council lends clinical leadership and expertise to the BHT Medicaid Transformation efforts; convening monthly to help with:

  • Providing clinical guidance on BHT priorities and projects. 
  • Setting clinical requirements for settings related to Transformation Plan Framework.
  • Ensuring that clinical input is based on evidence, drawing from HCA Toolkit.
  • Making recommendations regarding allocation of resources necessary to achieve BHT goals.
  • Serving as clinical champions for BHT’s efforts and inform other providers about initiatives.
  • Gathering feedback from the provider community and making recommendations to build on successes and address challenges.
  • Reviewing and making recommendations on Collaborative performance, including providing input on measurement plans.
  • Providing input into addressing technical assistance needs of providers.
  • Making recommendations to BHT board regarding clinical issues.
  • Providing a forum for shared provider learning across settings and systems.

This council is led by Dr. John McCarthy, BHT Board Member and Dr. Brian Seppi, BHT ACH Leadership Council Member. The committee co-chairs are selected by the BHT Board and are committed to making sure that our providers are able to deliver high quality care throughout the Transformation.  

BHT looks forward to working with this group of tenacious leaders as they help to inform and guide practice-level Medicaid Transformation for our region.