What are Domain 1 strategies?

Within the Project Plan Template, the Health Care Authority (HCA) defines Domain 1 strategies as follows:

The Medicaid Transformation Project Transformation requires all ACHs to focus on three areas that address the core health system capacities that will be developed or enhanced to transform the Medicaid delivery system:

  1. Value-based Payment Strategies
    ACHs should use the statewide and regional results from the 2017 MCO and Provider VBP Surveys, and other engagement with partnering providers, to respond to the questions within this section.
  2. Workforce Strategies
    Workforce strategies provide a foundation for creating sustainable community-based and statewide delivery system transformation. ACHs should consider opportunities to invest their resources to ensure sustainable workforce capacity assessment and development by leveraging collaborative activities with Washington’s statewide health workforce resources.
  3. Population Health Management Systems
    The term population health management systems refer to health information technology (HIT) and health information exchange (HIE) technologies that are used at the point-of-care, and to support service delivery. Examples of HIT tools include, but are not limited to, electronic health records (EHRs), OneHealthPort (OHP) Clinical Data Repository (CDR), registries, analytics, decision support and reporting tools that support clinical decision-making and care management. The overarching goal of population health management systems is to expand interoperable HIT and HIE infrastructure and tools so that relevant data (including clinical and claims data) can be captured, analyzed, and shared to support VBP models and care delivery redesign.

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