July Technical Council Activity Summary

Board of Directors - Cancelled

Regular meetings will resume in September

Community Voices Council - 7/7

The CVC hosted an open house meeting at the Spokane Public Library. The purpose of this open house was outreach and recruitment. The Council will continue to recruit and look for new members while reviewing applications. The Community Voices Council remains vital to the Board’s work and decision making, as they represent an unheard voice.

Hadley gave a presentation on the history and mission of the council. The slides can be found here.

Tribal Partners Leadership Council - 7/18

Tribal Carve Out Updates

We have been meeting with partners to identify and outline their tribal carve-out projects. There’s a lot of exciting projects that each of the partners are working on, and specific to using the carve-out funds:

  • LRCHC: Placing a mental health therapist within the Inchelium High School at least two days a week. This will help create a youth prevention program that will focus on reducing bullying and bring more suicide awareness education.

  • AICC: Hiring a Community Health Worker and will seek referral partnerships with the Spokane, Colville, and Kalispel Tribes

  • Colville: Building a public health data warehouse. Suggestion that they meet with Kalispel, as they have not had success with Nuvodia the last five years.

  • TNP: They are not doing the Tribal Carve-out and their contract dollars are going toward integrating the pharmacy function within their new HER system.

  • Spokane: Working with IHS clinic to improve their referral system. This would include developing an EHR (RPMS) interface.

  • Kalispel: Hiring two Mental Health Peer Support Specialists

BHT will continue to meet with partners monthly as the Aims statements and milestones are developed.

Collaborative Care-Coordination Effort

The group discussed the concept of a data warehouse. IHS has an epidemiology and disease prevention within the Seattle Indian Health Board, an Urban Indian Health Clinic.

  • Data warehouse – IHS has it – Tribes will have to pay for the bridge. Tribal partners should ask IHS to give data back at the end of the year. The east side of the state is not fully represented in the data

For full meeting minutes click here.

Waiver Finance Workgroup - Cancelled

Will reconvene in September

HUB Council - Cancelled

We appreciate all the work of the HUB Council. We have combined it into our collaboratives and will no longer be meeting.