Technical Council Activity Summary

Below are summaries of notable Technical Council and Board activities and decisions for September 10-October 15, 2018. Visit our calendar for dates of future meetings, and visit our Technical Councils and Board pages for meeting minutes.

Waiver Finance Workgroup • 9/12

  • The group approved an allocation of FIMC money to each behavioral health Partnering Provider to use for EHR purposes, plus a portion of money to BHT for IT support to these partners. The motion was approved as follows:

To allocate $750,000 “equally” among BHO Providers and Tribal BH Providers ($30,000 per BHO Provider; $10,000 per Tribal BH Provider) with the outcome that the BH provider electronic health record system has the technical capability to exchange information with Primary Care. Allocate up to $40,000 for technical assistance that BHT will coordinate with behavioral health providers including but not limited to collaborative purchasing and technical IT assistance.

Provider Champions Council • 9/17

  • The group had a discussion around the themes they—as reviewers—saw in the Partnering Provider Transformation Plans

  • Alcora offered to train any provider who wants to incorporate Fluoride varnish into their practices including support on billing and workflow.  

  • The was agreement that pooling the Community Resiliency Fund with other community initiatives is a good strategy to get a bigger scale. There was a lot of interest around registries and how the group could support their development. 

Hub Council • 9/17


Tribal Partners Leadership Council • 9/20

  • The group discussed the idea of a Tribal carve out for Transformation funds. They liked the idea and look forward to providing input at the October meeting once they are able to review the framework.

Board of Directors • 9/26

Community Voices Council • 9/26

  • The conversation was focused mostly on IMC Communication. Each CVC member volunteered to distribute materials to different locations, events, and providers.

  • Also discussed was defining the role and purpose of the CVC moving past the IMC transition, and how to bring the right voices to the table.