November Technical Council Activity Summary

Below are summaries of notable Technical Council and Board activities and decisions for November 13-December 7, 2018. Visit our calendar for dates of future meetings, and visit our Technical Councils and Board pages for meeting minutes.

Community Voices Council • 11/26

This week’s CVC was a “small but mighty” group. We had a great discussion on what has worked well over the last year and where we can improve in 2019, as well as the kinds of work the group would like to be involved in moving forward. There was a lot of interest around social determinants of health. Jessie followed this meeting up by attending the Community Health Advocate meeting at Spokane Regional Health District the following Thursday to gauge interest in having IMC presentations at the CHA sites. At this point, we are moving forward with four presentations.

Board of Directors • 11/28

The November Board meeting was a jam-packed, motion-a-thon with several key decisions being made; including 2019-2021 funds flow models for our primary care and behavioral health Partnering Provider Transformation Plans. These models allocate the Waiver funds that BHT will receive when our region meets the state's Pay-for-Performance and Pay-for-Reporting requirements. For details on these models and other supporting information, see this blog post

A special thanks to our Waiver Finance Workgroup and Tribal Partners Leadership Council for their diligence in exploring options and presenting the Board with a fair funds flow that balances the many needs and goals of the region to transform health.